Warwickshire Wildlife Trust Walkway

Jan 21, 2013

Stuart Cox from Bright Frog Designs has been working all week on a new walkway using Filcris recycled plastic for Warwickshire Wildlife Trust at Whiteacre Heath SSSI, lucky man! Stuart has many years of experience building projects using our materials, including walkways in Cambridge and Oxford and numerous dipping platforms.

This 30m stretch of walkway is part of a range of new measures to improve access to the reserve (www.warwickshirewildlifetrust.org.uk/whitacre-heath) which have been developed by Tim Haselden of Warkwickshire Wildlife Trust. We worked closely with Tim and Stuart during the design and planning stages to ensure that Tim got what he needed at the right price, and ensured that a skilled and experienced contractor was available to install the project.

We look forward to working with Tim on more projects – hopefully in better weather!

(Stuart sent us the image used at 8am this morning when he got on site to finish off the walkway he has been working on.)