More News About Filcris Swift Nest Boxes

May 16, 2016

David from Northern Ireland has sent us more pictures of the swifts in one of his Filcris nest boxes. One of the pictures includes some excellent news!

The pictures show the recycled plastic nest concave we also supplied with the nest box, a well as the nest concave with feathers attached, which is a way for the birds to make their nest more comfy, although swifts don’t go in for much in the way of home improvements! The most recent picture shows the birds sitting on an egg, which can also be seen when they leave the nest briefly. Swifts generally lay two to three eggs, and will incubate for 19 – 27 days depending on the weather, and then about 40 – 50 days to fledge, so we have plenty to look forwards to.

Thanks again to David for these great images. We look forward to the next batch!  

David is one our regular customers in Northern Ireland, who sent us some pictures of the swift nest boxes he has purchased from us. Last year he bought the Paintable Cambourne Swift Box we had brought out as a trial, and he was so pleased this year he bought ten more, this time buying the Flatpack version which was cheaper and easier to ship.