Vie Central Space Garden Project – Flexible Edging Shuttering

Jul 2, 2019

Cambridge City Council have used an innovative design approach with materials supplied by Filcris Ltd to create some highly unusual raised Keyhole Planters in a new development in the Chesterton area of the city. The raised beds are designed to allow local members of the community to use the beds to grow whatever they wish. The beds themselves are made from steel and wood, but have been lined with 6mm Stokbord supplied by Filcris to prevent the soil from rotting the timber facade, and they look very smart indeed. More details can be found here.

However, as is often the case when you are an engineer or a landscape designer the really interesting stuff is now hidden away. The beds rest on concrete pads which have been created using Filcris Flexible Edging. Gaskin Brothers, who did the installation, created sinuous and tight curves with the planks, and filled them with hardcore before completing surfacing. 

“These planks are a dream to work with, you could never get this out of timber planks!” said James Gaskin, site supervisor.

Declan O’Halloran of Cambridge City Council was extremely happy with the way the recycled plastic products had worked out: 

“This project would not have worked without Filcris planks and sheets”.