Trap Grounds Boardwalk: A Case Study from Oxford

Apr 22, 2016

The Trap Grounds Town Green is a six-acre urban nature reserve with a rare mosaic of wildlife habitats (ponds, stream, reed bed, woodland, and grassland). The Friends of The Trap Grounds (see here for details) wanted to construct a 120m long boardwalk to provide access for disabled people, as well as for the benefit of the general public.

Oxford City Council contacted Filcris in 2009 and after site visits from Filcris’s approved contractor (Bright Frog Designs: for more details see here), we were fortunate enough to win the tender and work started in February 2010. By March 2010 it was completed. Catherine Robinson from The Friends of The Trap Grounds was very pleased with the results.

“The Trap Grounds offer local people a chance to watch wildlife, get some fresh air, and enjoy peace and quiet. But parts of it were inaccessible in wet weather. The walkway has improved access for everyone, but particularly wheelchair-users and families with pushchairs. School children and their teachers will benefit too.

“We are especially pleased that the walkway is made of environment-friendly recycled plastic boards, which are vandal-proof, non-slip, and rot-resistant. The plastic planks are not only more durable than wood: they are also more flexible, enabling the boardwalk to bend around corners, so that it winds its way through the trees in a very pleasing manner.”

The Friends and Oxford City Council are now considering extending the boardwalk to improve access on the site further.