Tern Raft for Kew Gardens

Aug 14, 2019

Steven Robinson from the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew contacted us regarding our tern rafts. They ordered one to test at their Wakehurst Place site and drove up to collect it in the middle of March.

Steven commented that: 


“The raft is certainly well built with strong materials to withstand a lifetime being punished out on the water with peace of mind that no maintenance will be needed in the future. The raft was built in time and collected as promised.”


After they got the raft launched he was surprised just how stable it was, and even sent us a picture to show just how stable it was.”It is very stable and would support many more of me!” he said.  


We followed up their progress and the good news is that the terns arrived and successfully bred. Unfortunately, the chicks were predated by crows so we will work with Kew to develop ways around this. One possible solution is to introduce some extra cover for them.