Septic tank lid made from recycled plastic planks

Jun 10, 2019

We were recently sent some images by Simon from Cambridgeshire of a very interesting application using our products. As part of an ongoing building project Simon had the unpleasant but very important task or renovating the building’s drains and septic tank.

The lid of the septic tank was originally made from precast concrete sections. These had decayed and rotted to leave them vulnerable to collapse. He wanted to replace them with something lighter which would last indefinitely. Since he was not sure about which product to use, Simon visited Filcris at our factory in Bourn, and discussed his requirements.

“I met Chris and Phil with a business colleague who is a structural engineer, and discussed the project and the physical characteristics of the materials. They suggesting suitable products to us and made clear the limitations of the material as well as its benefits. We left with the necessary materials to manufacture the sectional lid: 50mm x 150mm x 3m planks to form the top surface with 50mm x 75mm x 2.5m bearers to fit underneath inside the walls of the septic tank. I found the material easy to cut drill and machine. I manufactured a router jig and easily routed slots for handles to be recess into the surface for the handles I made using from stainless steel. The result is perfect and I am very pleased with the result. This is one more job I won’t need to do again!”

Simon has graciously sent us a lot more images than we can add so pictures of whole process are available.