Rhonnda Cynon Taf County Borough Council

Apr 18, 2017

We made these boards into a wall with concrete fence posts (the type for gravel boards) to section off our wash-down bay.

We used the 50mm X 120mm boards in a Grey colour. Everyone who has visited our Depot has commentated on how good this wall looks and always want a closer look when they are told it is recycled plastic wood.

The planks themselves were quite easy to offload and carry from storage to the build.

They were easy to cut to length, taking into account any weather factors as with regular timber, but a good, sharp saw is to be recommended for cutting.

Once cut to length they were slid into position in the pre-set concrete posts.

The planks are extremely easy to maintain, needing just a quick rinse over with a hosepipe and brush, and have the added benefit of never needing to be painted or stained.

Another factor when choosing what material to use as a wall was there is a lamp-post situated behind the wall that we need access to, these plastic planks are easy to remove and replace with the minimal amount of manpower and no special tools required.

Hywel Bebb

Uwch Oruchwyliwr y Parciau (Rhondda)


Senior Supervisor (Rhondda)