Recycled Plastic Penguin Bricks

Feb 3, 2016

We just got these pictures from one of our more exotic customers.

The British Antarctic Survey have purchased various products from us in the past and Mike Dunn one of their ecologists wrote to us recently

“I’m writing to let you know how we’ve been getting on with the recycled plastic  “bricks” you supplied last summer . 

As you may remember, we intended to use them as nest markers for part of our long term Adelie and Chinstrap Penguin population monitoring work.  The good news is that they have proven ideal for our requirements, withstanding sub-zero winter Antarctic conditions and repeated freeze-thaw action without any damage.  The penguins have accepted them without any trouble, treating them as the rocks and boulders amongst which they nest.  We’ve added numbered plastic identification labels to each brick and this method has made the job of the biologists working in the field with the penguins much easier.

We look forward to continuing to use our penguin bricks well into the future!”

It’s nice to see that the penguins have made such an effort to help them to blend in by pooing all over them! Our recycled plastic ‘bricks’ are the rectangular blocks between the penguins – you might need to look closely.