Protecting pond liner from sunlight

Feb 3, 2016

The pond in the Filcris garden is suffering in the heat as much as the rest of us and has dropped by over a foot . We do not want to top it up if we can avoid it, since we need to keep our precious rainwater for the vegetables and we try to minimise the amount of tapwater we use (plus tapwater is not great for pond life). The water level has dropped so much that it has revealed a large area of the liner and over time the UV will cause damage and potentially leaks.

We have used a small number of offcuts fixed to an existing edging board to create a decorative revetment. This protects the liner deep enough into the pond and adds extra strength. As a bonus it neatens up the apprearance of the pond and provides an new habitat for its inhabitants.

If you have a similar project and only want a small amount of offcut material, email us with your requirements or even visit us, we will be glad to help.