Maple Lodge Nature Reserve Mink Proof Tern Rafts

Apr 22, 2016

Regular Filcris Customer Burley Aquatic Developments recently installed some new Mink Proof Tern Rafts for Maple Lodge Conservation Society at their reserve in Hertfordshire. Chairman Keith Pursall kindly sent us some pictures of the day. 

The existing tern rafts on the site are made from timber with floatation barrels and chickenwire mink proofing. To replace them, Burley Aquatic Developments ordered four of our mink proof tern rafts plus joining kits to make two 16′ x 4′ rafts.  

Martin Parr, Head of Conservation at the charity, said that the existing rafts were falling to pieces so replacing them with rot proof recycled plastic rafts seemed a great opportunity. “We also had a real problem with weeds and even trees growing on our old rafts and the rafts from Filcris make this a lot less likely, saving us a lot of work. We are very pleased with the new rafts which look great.”

Steve Burley of Burley Aquatic Developments was also impressed:

“I just wanted to let you know the rafts arrived safely, were unloaded with no problems and were easy to put together thanks to your comprehensive instructions and illustrations. We only needed to drill a few holes here and there and it was done. My boys and I were very pleased with how the rafts went together and my client is absolutely delighted with the finished rafts out on the water, well done to you and your team for making it easy. Thanks guys.”

Further details about these products can be found here: tern-rafts

Burley Aquatic Developments have a very comprehensive website here: