Ladder Frame Track Bed

Apr 22, 2016

Two Filcris customers have used our recycled plastic products to develop ladder frame track beds for garden railways.

One customer from Trowbridge has adapted the ladder frame technique developed by Bill Logan in the US. Using 18mm x 140mm planks ripped down to make 3 stringers plus spacers made from the same material and 38mm x 38mm posts he has developed a system which uses the flexibility of the product as an advantage while making a construction which is much more rigid. The combination of the planks and the posts is the correct size for SM32 (“0” Gauge). The finished construction “gives good support and looks neat”. 

Simultaneously, another customer from Richmond, Surrey has developed a system which uses 18mm x 140mm planks ripped in half to make a lower level track bed which is wider and can be filled with stone chippings.

Both set ups look very impressive and are maintenance free and rot proof.