Environment Agency Fishing Platforms

Feb 3, 2016

The Problem

The Environment Agency, Anglian Region wanted a range of fishing platforms with wheelchair access.  Proposed solutions were costly and required regular maintenance.

Understanding the Requirements

“We have over 3000 miles of river and drain fishing in the region  and need to be sure that we are getting excellent value for money.

These fishing platforms work really well and being  made of recycled plastic we are doing our bit for the environment.”

The Solution

Filcris worked closely with Kye Jerrom and Dr Ian Hirst, drafting designs and  making prototypes for them..

“We particularly liked the way that Filcris worked with us on this project.  They really listened to our requirements and suggested design improvements. The final product is a great success.

Filcris are really flexible and work with us to meet our objectives.”

The Results

The resulting single and double platform versions have been installed across the region both on public and commercial fisheries. They have also been supplied across the UK

“The platforms really improve the access for anglers here and have proven to be very popular. People can now access the fishery which will help improve membership numbers for the controlling angling club.”

And Another Filcris Solution

At the Old West River Fishery near the Lazy Otter on the River Ouse, Cambridgeshire the problem was  gaining access to the fishable part of the river due to encroachment by marginal plants.

The angling club had previously wanted to clear the bankside vegetation.

The Environment Agency wanted to keep the vegetation since it is an important habitat and provides vital spawning areas for fish, as well as preventing erosion.  

Filcris provided a series of bespoke platforms which markedly improved access to the site while retaining the vegetation.