Cambridge College Edging Board Project

May 18, 2017

Jo Cobb, the head gardener at Murray Edwards College, part of the University of Cambridge, spoke to us recently about the edging products they ordered from us.

 “In winter 2013 we decided to renovate an underused area of woodland near the library by improving access and making it into an amenity for the students. We needed a product to make clearly defined paths and after considering timber and steel edging we decided to use a recycled plastic product supplied by a local company called Filcris. Using recycled plastic tied in well with the College’s Green Policy, and just as importantly it was the ideal product for the job. It was very flexible and could be used for the sinuous curves we wanted much more easily than either wood or steel. This was ideal for the informal woodland setting. Most importantly we knew that once we had installed the edging it would not decay and need replacing. Filcris had plenty of material in stock so they could supply our needs immediately and since they were so close delivery costs were kept to a minimum.”

Both Jo and her assistant Sergio agreed that the edging had been very successful, with many visitors to the garden commenting on how attractive and effective the edging was. Sergio commented “It is very easy to work with, cutting and screwing very easily. The tight curves that can be achieved are excellent and so much easier than trying to do the same thing with wood. And of course it looks as good now as it did when we put it in.”   

Jo agreed, and is looking forward to using the edging elsewhere in their gardens.