Braintree District Council Entrance Signs

Feb 3, 2016

The Problem

Braintree District Council and Essex County Council wanted entrance signs for a range of main road locations on the border of the District. Originally, timber designs were considered, but these did not meet their environmental objectives.

Understanding the Requirements

The design called for a 2m span fence-style frame, with a plate with class 1 reflective vinyl and graphics applied, all to be made completely of recycled plastic to meet the environmental objectives. This presented some difficulties, including the unusually large span of the recycled plastic sections, and the non-adherence of vinyl onto HDPE sheet material.

The Solution

Filcris used powder coated, galvanised steel supports for the rails and sourced a recycled polycarbonate sheet onto which the vinyl would bond. The plates were fixed to the rails using an ingenious method, both stiffening the backing boards and hiding the fixings. Each plate was finished with a graffiti resistant film.

The Results

Filcris’s innovative solution meant the finished signs were delivered and installed in May 2007. Such was the impact, that the neighbouring District of Maldon has also purchased similar signs.

“The design Filcris came up with certainly met our requirements and the signs are now well known throughout the District. Their use of recycled plastic was innovative and attractive.”

Mick Galley, Braintree District Council 

“Braintree District Council were delighted to work in partnership with Essex County Council and Filcris to provide new gateways signs into our District. We have been able to improve the visual appearance and quality of the gateways to create a greater sense of ownership and pride amongst local communities and to have a positive impact on visitors impression of the District.”

Cllr Roger Walters, portfolio holder for Environment and Sustainability.