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Techniflex Clear Tape 1 x 12 x 33m

£755.94 inc VAT

Model Number: RTFTHBRF1.0XX12XX33

Average lead time: 1 - 2 weeks


product description

A glass clear high performance crosslinked pure acrylic adhesive mass tape on a plastic film release liner. This is an excellent value equivalent to 3M VHB 4910F. The adhesive mass structure gives high conformity to uneven surfaces, withstands joint movement and does not discolour with long UV exposure. Sold by the box, price is for 2 boxes totalling 40 rolls. Other sizes available on request. Not suitable for use with most recycled plastics.

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Category: Adhesives > Techniflex Acrylic Tapes
Thickness: 1mm
Width: 12mm
Length: 33000mm
Height: 1mm
Colour: Clear
Weight: 10kg

Recycled plastic products can vary in colour both within and between batches. Recycled plastic product dimensions can vary by up to 3%