Stokbord Embossed LDPE Black 18mm sheet (2440 Length)

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Full Sheet – best value and ideal for larger projects.

However to send on overnight carrier we will need to cut in to 3 pieces. The only way to send full size is in a dedicated van delivery or on a pallet. These are both more expensive options which will require a quote.

Very tough recycled low density polyethylene sheet with a lightly embossed surface, for use in many applications in agricultural, industrial and environmental sectors as well as in manufacturing. The 18mm thick Stokbord is stiffer than the thinner grades of Stokbord, but still has some flexibility and can be used in heavy duty fabrication work.

Can also be used as a very effective ground protection mat, allowing contractors and landscapers with diggers and other heavy machinery to work on grass or soil without damaging it. Very useful for those prestigious clients!

Since it is inert and will not leach chemicals into water it is also ideal for aquatic gardening and landscaping.

Please note: due to these sheets being damaged in transit we can now only ship FULL sheets (1.22m x 2.44m) on a pallet or a dedicated van delivery – please contact us for a quote. You can still purchase the quarter and half sheets online as before.

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Weight48 kg
Dimensions2440 × 1220 × 18 mm







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