Standard galvanised fence strap 75mm wide

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Galvanised steel strap for use with knee rail fencing to hold he rails in position and cover the joints. Pre drilled with ten 4mm holes.   

The straps are folded in the middle where they fit over the rail and then are 25cm on each side. If used with the 80mm x 80mm rails this will allow approximatelty 17cm to be attached to the supporting post and if used with the 100mm x 100mm rails it will allow 15cm to be attached. 

The strap is supplied with the single fold as shown and will need to be bent in situ against the supporting post and then fixed.

PLEASE NOTE: following advice from the manufacturer we recommend that the straps are fixed to the posts but not the rails, to allow the rails to expand and contract with changes in temperature. The straps include two holes normally used to attach to the rail when they are used with timber products, but these should be ignored.    




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Dimensions75 × 1 mm





Galvanised steel


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