SPAX Cylindrical Head Decking Screw Silver 4.5mm X 60mm

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This new screw pulls recycled plastic material together very effectively, but with a nearly invisible small head rather than the usual visually obtrusive standard counterunk screws. 

Serrations on lower thread allow for quick and safe fastening. A non-threaded shank pulls planks and stakes, decking boards and bearers or planks and posts tightly together. The upper thread locks the plank securely in place.

The cylindrical head will bury itself into softer planks such as our Rough Surfaced Decking Planks. Other harder plastic profiles will self bury but will reult in a small dome of plastic. If you want to avoid this, use a 3mm drill as a pilot hole and then widen the top 6mm with a 5mm drill bit.  

To drive the screws a T20 T-star driver bit is need this is NOT included.

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Dimensions60 × 4.5 mm





Galvanised steel


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