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Recycled Plastic Garden Composter

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Model Number: GCOMP1

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product description

Wooden composters are great for composting, but they do have a problem: compost heaps are moist and warm which spells bad news for wood and they quickly become part of the compost heap itself!

The new Filcris Recycled Plastic Garden Composter helps to hold the compost heap together and improve its structure, but will not rot or decay in any way and will last for many years. Its clever design means that it simply slots together in minutes with NO FIXINGS to lose or rust. If you need to move it, it comes apart simply, can be cleaned easily and packs down to a small size.
The open slats of this design allow airflow through the compost. This means that the compost in the outer edges will get plenty of oxygen which helps aerobic decomposition. It will also dry out the drier material ('browns') so additional moisture in the form of water or more 'greens' can be beneficial. Regular turning will also help to speed up composting.


Internal volume: 650 litres
Internal dimensions: 85cm x 85cm x 90cm high
External dimensions: 100cm x 100cm x 90cm high
Packed Size: 100cm x 22cm x 30cm
Weight: 56kg

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Code: GCOMP1
Category: Garden > Raised Beds > Composters
Width: 1000mm
Length: 1000mm
Height: 900mm
Colour: Brown
Made In: Germany
Weight: 56kg

Recycled plastic products can vary in colour both within and between batches. Recycled plastic product dimensions can vary by up to 3%