Raised Growing Bed 1m x 3m x 30cm Flat packed

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Lead time: 1 - 2 weeks

Note: This product replaces the 3m x 1.2m raised bed which has now been discontinued. 

Dark brown recycled plastic raised bed made of predrilled 25mm x 150mm x 1m and 3m planks plus 40mm x 40mm fixing blocks and stainless steel screws. This double layer raised bed is a useful way to significantly increase the soil depth and quality on poor soils and preventing the soil from spilling onto surrounding paths. The tough heavy duty walls mean that the bed can easily withstand knocks during cultivation and will not rot or need any maintenance!

Supplied flat packed (i.e. the sides are cut to length and predrilled / countersunk and the Fixing Blocks are NOT attached).

You just need to clamp the sides to the fixing blocks, predrill the fixing blocks and then screw the bed together. 

If you want to increase the stability of the Raised Bed on loose soil, click on the link below to add six replacement 40mm x 40mm x 450mm stakes which can be used instead of the fixing blocks.  

For a cheaper option which will be delivered more quickly you can buy six 25mm x 150mm x 3m planks and three 40mm x 40mm x 3m post plus some 5mm x 40mm screws and make the bed from scratch.  A perfect job for the weekend!

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