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Modular Planter 65cm x 125cm x 30cm Flat packed

was £222.00

Model Number: RBED11BR_FLAT

Average lead time: 6 - 12 weeks


product description

New Product 

This new type of recycled raised bed consists of routed four 62mm x 62mm x 30cm corner posts and two itermediate posts plus 12 25mm x 150mm x 60cm planks. The planks slot into the routed grooves and are held tight with screws. The result is a smart stylish little planter perfect for patios, balconies and small urban gardens, but large enough to grow a reasonable crop. 

  • The parts are lightweight so can be carried easily to the location.
  • Easy to assemble - all fixings are provided and all holes in the posts are predrilled.
  • The screws will self drive into the planks when slotted inso there is no need to predrill the planks.
  • Easy to modify - if you need the planter to be slightly smaller in one dimension you can simply trim the planks - since they are not predrilled it will not affect the assembly. The modular design also means that the parts can be remade into different patterns if you want to. 
  • Also abailanble in with black posts or planks if preferred.
  • Hidden fixings. The screws are fixed from behind rathe then the frnt so are competely hidden from view giving a clean stylish appearance.




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Category: Garden > Raised Beds > Raised bed kits
Availability: Available Now
Width: 650mm
Length: 1250mm
Height: 300mm
Colour: Brown
Weight: 30kg

Recycled plastic products can vary in colour both within and between batches. Recycled plastic product dimensions can vary by up to 3%