Ladder frame kit 3: Basic Kit for G Scale up 40cm high

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Available on back-order|Lead time: 8 - 10 weeks

Basic kit of components for G Scale which can be used to raise the track bed up to 40cm high (with 20cm buried). Each kit will make a run of 3m, the parts are supplied unassembled and are not predrilled.

Please note that the two runners plus the post / spacers = approximately 86mm which is about 4mm less than standard G Scale sleeper size of 90mm. This will result in a 2mm overhang each side. 

Kit consists of:

Two 18mm x 42mm x 3m Runners

Six 50mm x 50mm x 595mm Pointed Stakes

Fifteen 50mm x 50mm x 40mm Spacers

Fifty 5mm x 40mm Stainless steel countersunk woodscrews

Note that size shown is the assembled size, the shipped pack size will be different.

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Weight13 kg
Dimensions3000 × 86 × 600 mm