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Hedgehog Feeding / Hibernation Box

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Model Number: HOGBOX

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product description

After discovering that the food we put out for the hedgehogs in the Filcris garden was being stolen by the neighbourhood cats, we have also tested this box as a feeding box for hedgehogs. Amazingly a cat managed to get into the box! So we added a sort of hedgehog chicane with baffles to prevent cats getting in, which works brilliantly.

Help to attract hedgehogs to your garden with our envronmentally friendly recycled plastic Hogbox. Made completely from UK post consumer waste which would otherwise have gone to landfill, this tough box will need no maintenence and will not need replacing.

Built to a well established hedgehog friendly design, this box is similar to our very successful Otter Holt, with a snug internal chamber (280mm x 380mm x 220mm high) and an internal tunnel to help improve the strength of the box while also making the hedgehog feel safe and secure from predators like foxes.

The lid simply slides on, with no hinges or fixings to rust or sieze up. The lid is completely removable to allow easy inspection and cleaning.It is supplied completely assembled so all you need to do is find a quiet corner in your garden, cover it in leaves and brash and cross your fingers!

The box is supplied with 40mm feet attached, which help to improve the airflow through the box. However they can be easily removed if required.

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Category: Garden
Availability: Available Now
Width: 430mm
Length: 495mm
Height: 245mm
Colour: Black
Made In: UK
Weight: 6kg

Recycled plastic products can vary in colour both within and between batches. Recycled plastic product dimensions can vary by up to 3%