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Garden Walkway Tiles (set of three tiles) 4cm x 33cm x 1m

£7.65 inc VAT

Model Number: GARDWALK

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product description

Use our Recycled Plastic Garden Walkway system for either permanent or temporary walkways in your garden or allotment.

The tiles are 4cm x 33cm x 33cm and are supplied in strips of 3 to make 1m x 33cm path sections. They can be broken down to make individual tiles for easier storage, or they can be joined together to make more permanent paths.

This product is a 1m x 33cm section made up of three tiles. It is 0.33m2. 

If you want to order it by the square meter it can be purchased here.


Use them on your allotment to:

  • Create easy to move temporary paths
  • Prevent soil compaction on wet clay soils
  • Provide a stable working area when digging
  • Create well defined paths which are easier to use with a wheelbarrow

Use them in the garden to:

  • Prevent soil compaction when working on vegetable and flower beds
  • Stop erosion and compaction in muddy wet areas
  • Raise your feet out of the water in wet areas
  • Improve stability in gravel paths
  • Reduce risk of cat fouling in gravel or bark chip paths
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Category: Garden > Garden Walkway Tiles > Garden walkway tiles
Availability: Available Now
Thickness: 40mm
Width: 330mm
Length: 1000mm
Colour: Black
Made In: Germany
Weight: 2kg

Recycled plastic products can vary in colour both within and between batches. Recycled plastic product dimensions can vary by up to 3%