Flat Pack Otter Holt Kit Black 1200 x 830 x 380

£366.22 (£305.18 ex VAT)


NEW: We now offer our unique otter holt as a flat pack version. They are easy to assemble with full instructions provided. Being platpacked they have the following advantages:

  • Lower cost
  • More managable – can be fitted into the boot of an average car.
  • Cheaper to ship in bulk – we can fit up to 10 on a single pallet for the same price that one assembled ottter holt is shipped.
  • Ideal for use as a volunteer or training activity

AS FEATURED ON BBC SPRINGWATCH & COUNTRYFILE! Recycled plastic otter holt kit designed in conjunction with Surrey Wildlife Trust.

The holt has both a front and rear entrance hole and an internal chamber 600mm x 600mm. While this may appear small, research has confirmed that female otters prefer a confined space in which to rear their young.

The top is crenelated to improve ventilation, so the holt can be partially buried and the top covered in turves or brash.

It is a safe, low cost and easy to install alternative to concrete artificial olter holts and a long lasting alternative to timber holts.

Note: we do not supply the corrugated entrance tunnels since the 26cm diameter drainage pipe we used to use are no longer available. We have recently been informed by a wildlife trust customer that 20cm diameter  pipe fits well and can be attached with cable ties as shown in the images to the left. This smaller pipe is still large enough for a female otter and is too small for a fox. They can be purchased from drainage crontractors and builders’ merchants.

Weight is 40kg.

This product is cut to order with a lead time  14 days.

Additional information

Weight50 kg
Dimensions1200 × 830 × 380 mm