FENLAND EDGED Mink Raft 1.15m x 0.6m x 28cm

£177.71 (£148.09 ex VAT)


Lead time: 6 - 8 weeks

Developed with a local expert for use wth traps are fitted with a Remoti monitoring device and the users are then alerted as soon as the trap is sprung. This means there is no need for monitoring tracking kits, so the large hole in the centre of the standard mink raft is not needed.

Most mink rafts are made from marine ply which quickly deteriorate, and then absorb water making the raft heavier.  Eventually it will fall apart creating a disposal problem and replacement cost. In addition, all other mink rafts on the market have a fixed tunnel, to reduce costs. This makes inspection, storage and checking traps more difficult.

Our edged mink raft has been used and approved by Waterlife Recovery Trust as a part of their Humane Mink Trapping Guidance. Take a look at their trusted advice on why to use our raft.

The BBC has written more about this project to humanely control mink throughout East Anglia, read here.

Our raft is:

  • Completely rot proof – will not need any maintenance or replacement and will not deteriorate.
  • Flat packed raft- can be easily stored and transported.
  • Removable lid – easy to inspect in the field
  • Raft: 115cm x 59cm x 6cm high.
  • Tunnel made from 9mm thick recycled plastic sheet panels
  • Assembles in minutes thanks to innovative design.
  • Sturdy, heavy duty construction
  • Polystyrene float protected by tough 9mm thick edging
  • New simpler tunnel locking method.
  • Designed to fit trap maximum 600mm long x 200mm wide x 180mm high

NOTE: This product does not include the cost of the trap which must be purchased separately. 

We do not supply the Remoti monitoring devices. 

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions1150 × 600 × 280 mm