Brown 2.8m Budget Flexible Edging Kit – plank, stakes and fixings

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Brown 2.8m Budget Flexible Garden Edging Kit – plank, stakes and fixings.


A lower cost alternative to our premium flexible edging kits

Recycled Plastic Flexible Edging Kit which simply needs to be assembled and installed. This edging is perfect for curved paths and beds where the height of the edging above ground is less than 50mm. Each kit consists of

  • The number of 20mm x 100mm x 2.8m long plank
  • Four 40mm x 40mm x 365mm stakes per 2.8m plank (i.e. one per 750mm)
  • One 25mm x 50mm x 300mm Joining piece
  • Twelve 5mm x 40mm stainless steel screws

Simply hammer in the stakes in the required position, drill and countersink holes in the planks and stakes and screw them together. You can use the joining piece to join the planks together to help installation

Please note that the shade of brown of these planks can vary.

Note that for delivery purposes package sizes may vary from the sizes stated above.

A wider range of recycled plastic edging products including edging planks and edging stakes can be seen in the Landscaping Department.

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Dimensions2800 × 100 × 20 mm









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