Brown 18mm x 42mm x 3m Mini Flexible Edging Plank

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Available on back-order|Lead time: 8 - 10 weeks

Brown 18mm x 42mm x 3m Mini Flexible Garden Edging Plank

Please note that this product has an exceptionally long lead time at present from the manufacturer.

If you require an alternative product this is the closest in terms of flexibility and this new product is the closest in terms of appearance although it is less flexible.

This new edging plank is the same as our standard edging plank but less than half the width. It is very flexible, allowing sinuous curves, and is especially useful for aquatic gardening. The narrower width of the plank also means that it can be used where our standard 140mm wide plank would be too wide. It is especially useful as an edging material when installing artificial grass products.

Like our other recycled plastic products these planks will never rot and require no maintenance, We cut them down from the 140mm wide plank, so the lead time is a lottle longer. Please allow 5 – 7 working days for your delivery. The planks may have a rounded face and a square cut face or two square cut faces – to ensure that a rounded face is supplied use the 18mm x 67mm Narrow Flexible Edging Plank. They sometimes curve into in the cut face after we cut them, this is perfectly normal however, and they are flexible enough to be straightened up during installation when you fix them to the stakes.

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Weight1.7 kg
Dimensions3000 × 42 × 18 mm