18mm x 42mm x 3m Ladder Frame Runner Brown

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Ladder frame runner (or stringer) made from 18mm x 140mm x 3m planks, cut down lengthways, can be used to make either a long runner or cut into shorter sections as very low cost spacer blocks. Note that the runner will not always have a smooth rounded top surface, since the middle third will always have a cut face. This part can be used as spacer blocks, or alternatively the wider 67mm runners can be used, or can be cut from the 140mm plank.

This runner is very flexible and can be easily formed into a radius of 2’6″ or greater. But once fixed into a framework of spacers it turns from a flexible material into a rigid structure which can bear a significant loading.

Note that the exact width can vary from 42mm slightly.

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Weight1.7 kg
Dimensions3000 × 42 × 18 mm