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1.22m x 1.22m Habitat Sheet

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Model Number: HABIMAT

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product description

While making some raised beds in our yard recently we used some spare recycled plastic sheet to eradicate the weeds. When we lifted it up we found six grass snakes living underneth! They clearly found the moist environment created beneath the sheet to their liking, and since the black sheet warms up so rapidly it also helped them to keep warm.

This inspired us to think laterally and we can now offer our thinnest sheet in a handy size which can be used in your garden, allotment, school nature area etc.

We have been looking under our own one and have already found grass snakes, wood mice, shrews, beetles and wide range of other creatures.

  • Supplied with convenient hand holes to make lifting easier.
  • All corners are rounded off to make the product safer
  • Can be left in situ since it will not rot or degrade.
  • Create a warm moist environment for grass snakes, slow worms, lizards, beetles and lots of other creatures.
  • Easy to lift up so you can see what it underneath.
  • We can also engrave the sheet and customise the shape for you if you would like us to - call for pricing and details.

This sheet will last for many years with no need to replace or maintain it. The sheet will bend and ripple in very hot weather, and will conform to the surface over time but this will not affect its function as a wildlife refuge.

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Category: Garden > Pets and wildlife > Garden wildlife
Availability: Available Now
Width: 1200mm
Length: 1200mm
Height: 6mm
Colour: Black
Made In: UK
Weight: 7.5kg

Recycled plastic products can vary in colour both within and between batches. Recycled plastic product dimensions can vary by up to 3%