What do Our Customers Say?

We are proud to share with you a selection of our testimonials we have received from both our trade and non-trade customers and we hope you will find these helpful.

Recycled plastic plank - brown - 25mm x 75mm x 2.75m
Fantastic product and excellent customer service. Dealt with Phil who was exceptionally helpful, extremely knowledgeable and highly professional. Lisa followed up with the paperwork promptly and efficiently.  Filcris is an excellent company and the staff know the true meaning of customer service. Thank you everyone at Filcris.
Nigel Russell, Wales

Plastic wood garden edging
For what we wanted to achieve the edging has really worked well for us and looks great. It sets everything off very well and will soon be softened by the planting. I would have normally wanted a more natural product such as wood but given the acidity of the soil to eventually rot the wood and the need for both straight and curved sections we found the plastic product worked really well. The fact that it is made from recycled plastic was more than an afterthought or optional extra but a key decider in getting the product.
Tim, Brightlingsea, Essex

Plastic wood decking
Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and service supplying the materials for my decking project.

Plastic wood platforms
I would like to thank you and your staff on behalf of Scole Nature Trails Trust for all your help over the last few months and put on record what a great product this is. We look forward to working with you again in the very near future when the canoe launch platform finally gets the go-ahead.
Scoles Nature Trails Trust

Plastic wood boards & posts
Just a quick email to say how pleased we are with your products. We recently purchased some boards and posts to replace our somewhat depilated wooden raised bed and what a difference. We are now looking forward to many years of maintenance-free growing. The boards were very easy to work with and really look good. Thank you for your prompt delivery and excellent service. 
Victoria, Penzance

Square post Brown 50mm x 50mm x 3m
Hi all at Filcris, received a fantastic product from you, great delivery professional attitude every thing you want from a company. I will recommend your products 100% much better than using wood thank you very much!
Tim, Gloucester

Pointed post BROWN 70mm x 70mm x 1m
We actually used the posts as parking bay markers in our car park. The posts being recycled plastic are strong and will not rot or require maintenance, and having a point at the end enabled us to drive them into the ground without any problems and keep them upright! It was easy to attach reflectors and a white strip using S/S self-tapping screws, The tops were finished with galvanised metal covers purchased from B&Q for £1 each (this covers the moulding marks on top of the post). Really good product especially if used for fencing panels, you would never need to replace any rotten posts! Although probably best to concrete them in for this application.
Dave, Residents Association, Bideford

Recycled plastic plank Brown 20mm x 100mm x 2.8m
The plastic planks and posts were just what I needed to replace rotting wooden boards around my fruit patch.  I chose recycled plastic for its superior weathering qualities and its eco friendly reuse of plastic.  I was pleased with the colour of the planks which matched closely with the colour shown on your web site and do not look out of place.  They were easy to install and are good value for money.   I was very pleased with customer service and communication, you were kind enough to notify me of a delay in delivery and offer a refund if inconvenient.  In fact I was able to adjust my installation schedule and the delay caused no inconvenience.  I was also pleased when your staff contacted me to arrange a convenient delivery date once the goods were in stock.  All in all your company wins on goods and customer service and I have no problem recommending you to other customers.  Thank you very much.
Ray, Newcastle upon Tyne

Stokbord Embossed LDPE Black 12mm x 610mm x 1220mm sheet
I would like to compliment you on your service, helpfulness on the phone when ordering, and timely delivery. The sheets are two thirds in place, having removed the marine ply that I had used previously.  I had to add extra braces to allow for the flexibility of the sheeting as you suggested and now I have to start fixing them down. I will send further feed back once they are established and I have added track and scenery. So, yes, a huge thank you for your excellent customer service and prompt delivery. You have rekindled my enthusiasm to get my Garden Model Railway built (after a year of just looking at it).  I had been in the doldrums for the last year. I know my brother, Rob,  is also very pleased with your products and their ease of handling.
Chris, Cambridgeshire

12mm stokbord
Not only were you super efficient at satisfying our order but the fact that you were also flexible when we had to increase it was a standout moment. It’s not often that you find a firm to be so willing to oblige. It is so unusual these days to come across a firm like yourselves, and for this I am so immensely grateful.
Clifford, Richards & Warren, London

Pointed post BROWN 70mm x 70mm x 1.5m
It would be a pleasure to give you feed back. The whole transaction was a pleasure from start to finish. I spoke to a gentleman prior to ordering and he was exemplary in his handling of my enquiry. The original delivery was as smooth and problem-free as I would wish. Even your transport contractor acted over and above my usual experience of truck drivers. The material has worked well and I have had several compliments about the sign system of which your posts are a part. So much so that I ordered some more posts for collection and, apart from getting a bit lost, that went well too. It is refreshing to be able to give SUCH positive feed-back.
David Russel, Gascoyne Holdings Ltd, Hatfield House

Recycled plastic plank Brown 25mm x 150mm x 3m
I'm very pleased with the planks I received.  I used them to make something similar to a raised bed, but actually for our dogs to dig in, and wanted something that was safe and non treated should they decide to chew on it. I found it much easier to work with than wood of a similar size and found it simple to cut with a circular mitre saw and easy to drill.
Penny, Sussex

Square Ended Plank BLACK 25mm x 100mm x 3m
I'm giving a good feedback, great material and service. I have used the plastic in an unconventional manner. I used it as a fascia board on my own home extension. Couldn't get a black plastic fascia board in the thickness required and didn't want painted wood etc.
Russell Davies, Davies Designs and Engineering, West Midlands

Square Ended Plank Brown 25mm x 100mm x 3m
The planks were perfect - they were used as edging for laying a new artificial lawn. As they were being laid directly into the ground and back-filled with sand they were the perfect choice to guarantee no rot. Great service, thanks again.
Alan, Dundee

Recycled plastic plank Brown 50mm x 100mm x 3m
I found the Recycled Plastic Planks surprisingly easy to use, once I have got over the fact that they are about 3 times heavier than the same size of timber! I used them to replace some rotting timbers in a pergola and as you can see from the attached ‘photos, they have worked really well and have blended in perfectly. When I was cutting them with a chop saw or portable circular saw, I had no problems. However, when I used a jig saw, for some slots that needed cutting, I had to be very careful with the speed, so that it was fast enough to cut, but not so fast that the planks melted from the friction.
Nick Charles, NCD Creative, Derbyshire

Brown 18mm x 67mm x 3m Narrow Flexible Edging Plank
The edgings were great, we had to create some very tight bends and they worked really well, so much better than timber edging. The small size was also useful as we were creating paths among and around trees so we had to try not to disturb any roots and they allowed this.We’ve used you edgings a few times and they have always performed very well and look good too.
Robert, Original Landscapes, Dorset

30mm x 150mm Planks Black
Material was great delivery was fabulous Alternative material was arranged when u where out of stock at same price Overall service 10 out of 10. Will use again.
Ajay, Indiant Association Temple, Oldham

Curb planks
Quite a while ago I ordered some “Curb Planks” from you to build raised beds in my garden – I did say at the time I’d try to send some picture over when finished, so now we’ve got them planted up, here they are. The beds are 2.5mx1.25m and made up of a “curb plank” on top a 4x2 with 2” square posts in the corners held together with 10mm carriage bolts.
Graham, Ely

Recycled plastic otter holt kit
I was very happy with the service I received from FILCRIS and the otter holts are excellent. I wasn’t expecting them to be already assembled so this was a pleasant surprise when they were delivered (looking back at the website it clearly states that they are so I must have missed that bit!). They are lighter than anticipated and sturdy enough to withstand the elements and the brash piles on top of them. I am pleased to say that both holts are now installed on separate nature reserves and already have evidence of otter activity. The only slight negative comment I would make relates to the cost of the structure although I appreciate recycled plastic composite material isn’t cheap. Would just have liked to buy more for my money! Overall, very pleased.
Nathan, Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales


Brown 18mm x 67mm x 3m Narrow Flexible Edging Plank
The delivery of my order was completed within the agreed time slot and the driver was very helpful. So far I have installed some 90 meters of edging. (See attacked images) The material is consistent, attractive, strong and flexible.  It has proved very quick and easy to work with. It cuts well with both hand and electric saws. The only other tools needed were garden line, club hammer and battery drill with drill bits, countersink bit and screw-driving bit. When my raised beds need the wooden edging replaced I will not hesitate to use this material. Thank you for your reliable and efficient service.
Colin, Thetford

Stokbord Embossed LDPE Black 6mm x 1.22m x 2.44m sheet
Just a short email to say thank you for the great  service and prompt delivery of the 6mm re cycled sheet we purchased recently, it was perfect for lining a bespoke planter we made for a client.
Robert Jones, Kingfisher Decking, Middlesex

Flexible edging plank 18mm x 140mm x 1.5m Brown
The planks were delivered very quickly thanks.  The first of the 140 x 18 are in position dividing a gravelled area from a border and were flexible and easy to position around a curve, as attached picture.  The second part of the project will have to wait as the border is currently in full bloom.  All in all very pleased.
Mike, Swansea

80mm x 80mm x 1.22m black post
Firstly, your customer service is always excellent - delivery is quick and the phone call from the charming young lady makes one feel like a valued customer, when all you've bought is a few fence posts! As to the product, I am building a model railway in the garden, raised on your posts although the rest of the substructure is ordinary timber. The posts are perfect, easy to cut and taking screws very well. Obviously I don't expect them to rot at all, and some that have been in the ground for nearly two years have not shifted by so much as a millimetre - no concrete used, just rammed earth.
David, Norfolk

70mm x 70mm x 1.5m pointed brown post
The service your company was A1. Delivered on time and product was excellent, just what I need and would certainly buy from you again.
Gordon, Oxfordshire

50mm x 50mm x 3m brown post
The order/s were delivered on time & as scheduled. The products I ordered will be used as 'shelving' for my bonsai collection & will sit on top of existing benches.  When I get time I'll put them together according to a plan I've made. Was pleased with the product when delivered as it was heavier than I thought it would be (that's a good thing by the way...) I did have some brown plastic fencing with panels put in a few years ago & sadly, maybe because it has the sun on it for most of the day (when there is sun of course...!), it has faded in rather unattractive patches all over & I do hope that ,in time , that won't be the case with what I've had from yourselves...! When I find a further use for the product I'll certainly be ordering it from yourselves 
Frank, Essex

Vison Edged mink raft
I’m a happy customer! It all came as planned - just as Lisa told me. Only one of the two sheets of instructions was included, but you resolved that instantly. The finished product is great! It has a real quality and durable feel to it.  (I have also been given an old wood version and you can feel the deterioration in that.) The quality of the prints I have had is amazing - really clear even with something as small and light as a rat.  (Years ago I tried making a footprint area, but the results were so disappointing, I gave up.) I haven’t caught a mink in the tunnel yet, but mainly because my dogs have shown me where the hole they are using is and I put the trap there.
Alastair, Buckinghamshire  

12mm smooth Stokbord
I'm very satisfied customer , the product was exactly what I want it. I'm even more satisfied with your delivering services. They left that sheets on my preferred location. Very happy with that. Also It's seems like you the only one who selling sheets like that. It took me long time to find you. I'll be buying soon from you again, that's guaranteed!
Stanislav, Oxfordshire 

Artificial grass edging strip
Very pleased with the service Chris. The order arrived in good time. I will email you a couple of pics of the job in due course. Great product. 
Terry Cernuda, All Season Lawns

Vison Edged Mink Raft
We’ve found the rafts to be very good.  I’ve found them really quick and easy to put together and they have lasted really well so far, I don’t believe we’ve had to replace any since we started using them in 2012.  They even seem to stand up pretty well to the rigours of cattle who’ve managed to bash them around on at least one of our sites!  The fact that you were able to adjust the sizes so they can fit all of our varied range of trap types has also made things a lot easier for us when we do have to trap.
Dawn Richardson, Lee Valley Regional Park

25mm x 100mm x 3m brown planks
The delivery arrived just before 9am The boards and posts look great. I buy virtually everything I need on the net and Filcris is one of the very best. Very user friendly website, nice friendly people to speak to, great service overall, what more can one ask, as Prince Charles would say! Thank you.
George, Northants

25mm x 150mm x 3m black plank
The customer service at Filcris was brilliant, I phoned up for advice, they could not of been more helpful. The order was received the next day and was exactly as described on the phone. The product itself was all matching size and colour and easy to work with, although I found cutting with a bladed saw best as it does melt when using ‎grinding disk. I will be using them again.
Dan Clark, Environment Agency Fishery, Nottinghamshire

Grey 100mm diameter x 1.5m post with a point
The posts we brought from you have been very useful, they are exactly what we wanted for the job. It was a pleasure dealing with Filcris, they arrived on the date stated, I would have no hesitation in using them again.
Ron Patching, Sussex Partnership NHS Trust, West Sussex

Recycled plastic plank brown 30mm x 60mm x 2.8m
I'm very happy with the product and customer service. I'm building a wire-net frame over a garden pond (I've recently become a grandparent!)  and the product is hopefully ideal - time will tell I suppose but if I get 5 years out of it I'll be happy. The company was courteous and efficient - of course, we all wish prices could be lower but yours were certainly competitive with your main rival.

Brown 25mm x 150mm x 3m plank
The planks have done their job perfectly thanks. My family and I have used Filcris on several occasions and the products are perfect for bordering lawns and pathways. Also being able to arrange delivery on a specific day was very helpful.
Michael, Warwickshire

Brown 25mm x 150mm x 3m plank
We have been very happy with all aspects of the advise, service and delivery.  We found the product is easy to work with and we would certainly recommend Filcris Ltd and the planking we purchased.
Chris, Pembrokeshire

Brown Hanit Ultra 100mm x 100mm x 1.5m
The posts arrived safely in good time, and were of good quality. They are now installed and should be extremely durable. They are heavy and solid and take screws well; they are harder to drill and cut than timber but this is quite possible with sharp tools (but avoid overheating as this softens rather than cutting the plastic). Filcris were the cheapest supplier for our small order, and the choice of lengths was better.
Michael, Long Buckby Green Spaces, Northants

Stokbord Embossed LDPE Black 9mm x 1.22m x 2.44m sheet
I was really impressed, all items were well packed and arrived on a day prearranged to suit me. This happened to be the day after I ordered so rapid service as well. The product is great, easy to work with and sturdy so I am really pleased all round.
Marcus, Winchester

18mm x 140mm x 3m brown plank
The delivery was very prompt and arrived exactly when scheduled.  I was out when they arrived, the delivery man obviously thought about where to put them so they were out of site and on hard ground and not dropped on the grass which often happens! The producet is very strong and has given a smooth professional finish for both straight and curved edges. 
Kate, Yorkshire

Brown 3m Narrow Edging Kit - Plank, Stakes and fixings
We are absolutely delighted with our edging strip packs that we purchased form you; and which are now in situ edging our lawn and new driveway. In fact we are so delighted that we will be purchasing  more edging from you in due course to hold back some block paving at the front of our property. A very fair price, an incredibly helpful team when we phoned with an enquiry and excellent delivery. A friend of ours has also been so impressed that he will be placing an order with you too. We will certainly recommend your company to others.
Tim, Warwickshire

110mm diameter x 1m Black Ogee Post
If you want sound advice, quality products, delivered correctly and professionally, all for a fair price, then approach Filcris, because you won’t be let down.
Chris, Leicestershire

Flexible edging kit
Order was fab, the product is just great, so easy to work with cutting  etc . Posts were far more robust than i expected and took some real bashes from sledge hammer getting them in some tough ground (i suspect i might have gone though some substantial roots! ) You were really helpful all the way and I’d recommend Filcris to anyone... 
Helen, Berkshire

90mm x 90mm x 2.8m brown pointed posts 
We haven't actually used the products supplied yet, as they are to form part of three disabled fishing platforms that we are replacing on our stretch of the River Nidd, here in N.Yorkshire. I would, however, like to thank you for the superb level of customer service that your company displayed. From initial contact, through order follow up, right through to delivery, this was an exemplary display of the highest standards of customer service.
Anthony, Nidderdale Angling Club, Harrogate

90mm x 90mm x 3m grey postsI was very happy with the posts I got from you. The quality of the product is brilliant and would highly recommend to anyone. Look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Matthew Hann, M & H Joinery, Wiltshire

Brown 25mm x 150mm x 3m plank
The customer service was excellent – I appreciated the courtesy call from your team to advise of date of delivery – and products were of very good quality.
Robin, Glasgow

50mm x 100mm x 3m brown plank
There is no doubt that Filcris have helped to develop our product. Responsive and reactive. Great service and foresight which in today's market makes hindsight redundant. 100% HAPPY.
Peter Bussell, Gillhams Gravel Rake, West Sussex

70mm x 70mm x 1m pointed brown post

A prompt and attentive service
Gary, Gloucester

40mm x 40mm x 3m brown posts

Customer service very good, most helpful with arranging delivery to suit. I've only done a bit with the posts and rails so far but very impressed. Easy to work with, cuts, drills and accepts screws easily, very flexible yet sturdy once the framework us assembled. Happy to recommend.
Colin, Yorkshire

Garden Rail Products
I have collected orders a couple of times and had orders delivered as well, and even though my orders are only small I have always found the service very good and everyone very helpful. I have found all the items I have bought to be perfect for the job, (decking supports and garden railways mostly) and use them on any project that comes into contact with the ground. I do not hesitate to recommend Filcris products to friends doing similar projects.

Alan, Essex 

Artificial Grass Products
I've had a few orders of you over the years and always found ordering and customer service superb. Would highly recommend your company. Also the products I've had namely the edging is great. I've just been back to a job where we installed it a few years back and it's still looking great and my customer is very happy with it.
Ian Taylor, Taylor Oak Ltd, Kent

40mm x 40mm x 3m brown postsIt was a very good and very quick service, exactly what we needed!
VT, Oxford

Straight CNC Cut Track Boards
I'm using your materials as base for a small garden railway I'm building. I chose your products after finding some reviews on web. Am delighted with results as it make it easy to build a solid base for the railway track without worrying about it getting wet. I found some of the factsheets on your website very helpful.
John, Uxbridge

35mm x 100mm x 3.6m brown planks for use as decking bearers
Delivery was spot-on. Planks were top-of -range, worked well, and easy to handle and cut. Top (wood) deck went down great, with any luck we'll now get more that the 15 years we hand out of the previous deck. Thanks for prompt service, fair price, and all round good quality product!
Dave, DPD Management Co Ltd, Merseyside 

Black 25mm x 150mm x 3m Plank
Easy to order, good website. Very fast delivery, much quicker than expected. Great product, has made a very nice raised garden bed. First time using recycled lumber, definitely will order again. 
Ton, Oxfordshire

Black 80mm X 80mm X 1.22m Post

Of all the companies I deal with online (and that's quite a few as apart from my hobby project I also run a small engineering business) your deliveries are some of the quickest, and your emails confirming dispatch etc. are helpful - full marks to your office staff. I've only used one of your products, the square section fence posts, but for my purpose they are perfect. I particularly like the fact that they saw easily and true, and take screws well. I shall be ordering again before long as my project is not yet completed. I recommended you to a friend only two days ago!
David, Norfolk

Brown 25mm X 150mm X 3m Plank
Following my recent order, the confirmation process and follow through by customer service was excellent.  Not only did I have a confirmation order, but I also had a follow up call to confirm delivery. The phone call follow up was a nice touch - not many web order companies make that kind of effort. The product itself (lawn edging) is very good - I purchased some from you last year. Overall, the product is very good, and looks great in the garden.
Mr Williams

Black 25mm X 50mm X 3m Plank
Thank you for the recycled plastic planks, I am very pleased with them. I am fixing it to the bottom of my chicken houses and runs, so that they don't rot. The fowl houses don't have floors just lots of deep litter inside on the ground . I drilled into the recycled plastic wood a larger clearance hole for the screws, then attached it to the bottom of the fowl house drilling smaller holes so the screws would bite in to the wood. I was so pleased with it I ordered some more .The delivery was on time and the driver was nice .
Barbara, Gloucestershire

EHB Sheet
Service was very good. Product arrived promptly was complete and cut to correct size. Looking forward to it lasting many years. 
Mr Gardiner, Cornwall

18mm X 140mm x 3.6m Brown Flexible edging plank
We love your products and will continue to use the flexible edging as it is a massive aid to our business installing artificial lawns and planting borders. All in all we are thrilled with your products, customer service and deliveries.
Chris Carpenter, C C Garden Design & Construction Ltd, Powys

Artificial Grass Products
We are happy with our order, your customer service was really helpful and the product is really good!
Tom Fox, Swish Lawns Ltd, Essex

50mm X 125mm X 3m Brown Plank
Product and delivery was quite expensive, but efficient. Your site seemed to be the most economical of several I looked at. Boards were as ordered. They have been used as wall plates (attached with stainless steel bolts and resin) and under floor boarding against a low-down wall which has no damp course where the previous wood had rotted right away. I found the material very easy to cut drill and shape, clean and comfortable to handle, and quite stiff in short lengths. Visually, it looks very like wood. Certainly a product I would use again.
Simon Shanklin, E & S Shanklin Ltd, Shropshire

25mm X 150mm x 3m Black Plank
Excellent product – exactly what I was looking for. It has been used to create a couple of borders in the garden. I found the delivery service was excellent and the product very easy to work with. Very pleased with the final result.
HP, West Sussex

Materials for Raised Beds

I have found the "plastic wood " easy to work with in fact I am really pleased with the result of converting from natural timber to plastic. For raised beds it is ideal material and unless you made a very close inspection you would be pushed to realise the planks are plastic, and all the while I am replacing the wood I am more then happy with thought I will not be doing this again in 3 to 4 years which has been the case with timber!  Using the plastic has gone beyond my expectations and as I have a large number of quite large raised beds I shall be back for more of the same sometime soon. Thanks for all your advice etc
Mr Carter, East Sussex

Tern Rafts
I found dealing with yourselves very easy, whenever I phoned or emailed I always spoke to a friendly helpful person. The product itself was excellent although haven't heard back from the rangers on whether a pair of common Terns have made a nest yet.
Ali Lawson, The Conservation Volunteers, Stirling

Bender board for artificial grass installation
I think in my dealings with you you have been absolutely impeccable, I get my order on-time, I get a call when its dispatched, when I had a problem it was dealt with, and you always answer the phone. If I could give a score it would honestly be 10/10. Keep up the great work.
Richard Ralphs, Super Grass Worcester

Square post brown 50mm x 50mm x 3m

I was very pleased with both the product and the service. The posts are now in place with metal railings and look very good indeed, so as long as there is no major discolouration they should outlast me. The delivery date I was given was kept and I also received a reminder the day before which was nice. I will certainly be considering your products for any future projects.
Colin, Kent

Square black post 50mm x 50mm x 3m
We purchased the recycled planks and posts from you in order to build up the structural glass fibre walls of an in ground vinyl lined swimming pool that had settled on its's foundation. The material was sawn on a table saw to correct differences in height from a few 1-50mm.  The material was fixed using stainless screws and builders silicon. Then a liner retainer attached and concrete coping stones (buff coloured top edge in pic) were mortared on top of a concrete ring beam laid behind the newly levelled sides of the pool. Hard to explain clearly in an email, but it has worked perfectly and hopefully will provides years of service and remain unaffected by the in ground environment. The plastic wood cut easily with new table saw blade, was mechanically fastened and filled/glued with silicon and gave us good solution to a tricky problem.
Mr Gentry, Bedfordshire

50mm x 150mm black planks
We have used the plastic planks as step boards and drainage boards on footpath surface work. We normally use oak boards but these have a limited life span which varies according to soil conditions so we are looking to replace oak with plastic in many places, as it should prove more cost effective. The plastic is easy to use and should be far more durable than oak in the long term. It's only slight downside is it is not quite as natural looking as oak but blends in better than I thought. So over the next few years we will look to use plastic in most locations.
Mr Lees, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority

I love the stuff! It doesn’t need painting or treating. It’s much easier to clean bird mess etc off than it would be with wood (it also doesn’t stain if you leave it on there). It bends a lot easier than wood (especially usefull for the garden railway stuff). It’s going to last a lot longer than wood…well worth the extra cost per metre in my opinion!
Mr Fitch, Blyth

Garden Railway
I was pleased with the service you provided, ordering and delivery were hassle free. This is the first time I have used the product and I’m just getting to grips with the fabrication of the curved sections of a garden railway trackbed. There is a bit of learning to do, for example using a bandsaw wasn't successful but a teflon coated handsaw made light work of trimming. I’m impressed with the degree of flexibility of the bearers - quite tight curves can be achieved. Fixing the bearers to the posts and spacers is a doddle and the plastic seems to take and hold screws very well. As the trackbed winds it way through cultivated areas of the garden the resistance of Filcris to rot is real bonus. 
Dr Berge, Surrey

25mm x 150mm x 3m planks
I am more than happy with the service you provided and with the product.  I think it is fantastic stuff.  A little heavy in the handling but so easy to work - saw, sand and drill - accurately and it is so effective.  I used my plants to do the top surround of a square pond so any water doesn’t do any damage and I can sit on the edge and not get splinters. Many thanks for an excellent service and I would certainly recommend you.
Mala, Northumberland

50mm x 100mm x 3m Planks 
The end of the joists had rotted, as had part of the sill plate that they were sitting on as it was embedded halfway into the wall. This made the whole floor bouncy and dangerous. The joists were repaired easily by adding steel joist joiners but repairing the sill plate was more problematic and I have wasted hundreds on products that just did not do the job.The recycled 100 x 50 plastic matches my old sill plate EXACTLY and I am fitting it in 75cm sections. I just hammered it in with a rubber mallet and the problem was solved! 

The wall and joists are perfectly supported and I will never have worry about it rotting again - it will last longer than the house!
An amazing product that I wish I had used from day one. Eventually I will be using it throughout the house as I continue refurbishment and in my garden when I get round to it.  I really look forward to doing business with you in the future. 
Mr Laidler, Cambridgeshire

Impressive advice, service & delivery
I have commented to friends as to how helpful your company is upon my initial telephone call asking for advice. This was freely given an I subsequently placed an e-mail order on a Saturday, was telephoned on the Monday confirming order receipt and that delivery was arranged. Tuesday afternoon there it was!Impressive advice, service and delivery couldn't ask for more.
Mr Lewis, Leeds

Brown flexible edging kit
We are delighted with the edging boards and they were exactly what we needed and the fact that these are also recycled and still look great is fantastic. The service, support, product and very quick delivery has been first class and we will certainly use your company again and we are very happy to recommend Filcris to others. 
Alan, Cornwall 

80mm x 80mm x 1.35m posts
The service we received from Filcris was brilliant from start to finish. Very professional and friendly , informed of delivery etc. Product was of excellent quality too, Would definitley recommend and most certainly use again.
Brooks Fencing, Hampshire

40mm x 40mm x 3m brown posts The service was excellent, ordered Sunday evening, delivered Wednesday morning, can't get much better than that. This was a repeat order so you can assume that we are satisfied with the product and anticipate further orders as we upgrade the track on our miniature railway.
Mr Tulley, Windsor

Wildscapes CIC Boardwalk Project

From the initial design stage through to final construction, the team at  Filcris were instrumental in the successful completion of a very challenging project. Their advice and after-sales support went way way beyond expectations. A big thankyou to everyone at Filcris from Wildscapes CIC Ltd.

Steve Greenwood