posted on: Fri, 15th Jul 2016

Latest News About Filcris Swift Nest Boxes

David from Northern Ireland has sent us a new batch of pictures of the swifts in one of his Filcris nest boxes. They have been doing well with three eggs hatched. They will soon be fledging if they haven't already! The pictures show the recycled plastic nest concave we also supplied with the nest box, a well as the nest concave with feathers attached, which is a way for th...
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posted on: Tue, 5th Jul 2016

Latest stock delivery now in

We received our latest delivery of stock items this morning, replenishing our standard stock items and adding a few extra profiles to the range of products we can ship out on a next day basis. New items now held in stock include: 35mm x 100mm x 3.6m Black Plank 34mm x 147mm x 2.6m Brown Tongue and Groove Plank 50mm x 125mm x 3m Brown Plank 50mm x 150mm x 2.5m Brown Plank (this product has bee...
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posted on: Mon, 16th May 2016

More News About Filcris Swift Nest Boxes

David from Northern Ireland has sent us more pictures of the swifts in one of his Filcris nest boxes. One of the pictures includes some excellent news! The pictures show the recycled plastic nest concave we also supplied with the nest box, a well as the nest concave with feathers attached, which is a way for the birds to make their nest more comfy, although swifts don't go in f...
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posted on: Wed, 11th May 2016

Swifts Return to Filcris Nest Boxes

David, one our regular customers in Northern Ireland, has recently sent us some pictures of the swift nest boxes he has purchased from us. Last year he bought the Paintable Cambourne Swift Box we had brought out as a trial, and he was so pleased this year he bought ten more, this time buying the Flatpack version which was cheaper and easier to ship. They look fabulous on the gable e...
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posted on: Thu, 9th Oct 2014

Splendid signs in Cornwall

Here at Filcris we aren’t very good at blowing our own trumpets, we are generally too busy coming up with new ways to use recycled plastic and a bit too British for all that. So it’s really nice when our customers do it. Westland Countryside Stewards are an environmental charity based in North Cornwall who recently took delivery of some recycled plastic lecterns and an engraved re...
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posted on: Wed, 1st Oct 2014

Finding Filcris

We sometimes find that our address can be difficult to find using a SATNAV, therefore we have included directions within our Contact page. Alternatively, you can download the directions to our factory in PDF form below:...
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posted on: Mon, 24th Mar 2014

New tern raft for Frensham Pond National Trust Reserve

Tim Mockridge, National Trust Ranger at the Frensham Pond nature reserve in Surrey contacted us early this year for an another special low visual impact mink proof tern raft  following the success of the one we supplied in 2012. Tim gave us the following feedback: "Here are a couple of photographs of the launching of the new Tern raft at Frensham Little Pond. The recent alterations that have ...
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posted on: Fri, 29th Nov 2013

Recycled Plastic Snow Plough Blades

Adam Curtis, who is Assistant  Park Manager at Richmond Park, the largest of the Royal Parks in London, came to us in winter 2011 in search of a cheap plastic plank, we recommended the 18mm x 140mm x 3m plank which was on offer at the time and he went away . He only bought a few which we assumed that they were for path edging like the vast majority of these planks we sell to parks across the ...
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posted on: Thu, 25th Apr 2013

Spot the recycled plastic

We just got these pictures from one of our more exotic customers. The British Antarctic Survey have purchased various products from us in the past and Mike Dunn one of their ecologists wrote to us recently "I’m writing to let you know how we’ve been getting on with the recycled plastic  “bricks” you supplied last summer. As you may remember, we intended to use them as ...
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posted on: Thu, 25th Apr 2013

A new approach to installing ladder frame garden rail supports

We have received some great case studies from customers who have used our Ladder Frame Kits to make a support for their garden railways. We have just uploaded one from Andrew Rawlins in Lincolnshire who has developed a new way of surfacing the frame work to provide a level track bed, by cutting down planks to make short lengths which can then be very easily adjusted to the location. It looks very ...
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posted on: Sun, 24th Mar 2013

New design Mink Rafts for Kent Wildlife Trust

The new VISON model mink raft, which we introduced in January this year, has been tested by Kent Wildlife Trust, and here is their feedback. We’ve deployed all the new mink rafts now. They look good in their new home on the North Kent Marshes. They were much easier to put together in the field than the last design with the togs (Fewer bits to carry as well). We did leave out the locking pegs...
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posted on: Wed, 6th Feb 2013

Bespoke Swift Nest Boxes

In June 2012 we made 24 bespoke swift boxes for a restoration project at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Reading. We have just received some pictures taken when they had been installed. Four nest boxes were fitted behind round holes in the Spire’s stone “windows”. There are eight boxes fitted on three of the four sides so 24 boxes were fitted in total. Swift boxes were...
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