New design Mink Rafts for Kent Wildlife Trust

Mar 24, 2013

The new VISON model mink raft, which we introduced in January this year, has been tested by Kent Wildlife Trust, and here is their feedback.

We’ve deployed all the new mink rafts now. They look good in their new home on the North Kent Marshes. They were much easier to put together in the field than the last design with the togs (Fewer bits to carry as well). We did leave out the locking pegs as the tunnels stayed securely on the rafts when slid back into place.

The cable tie construction doesn’t seem to have made the rafts any weaker; they have held together well so far, none of the cable ties broke.In hindsight perhaps we should have gone for the edged rafts as the polystyrene might make a mess but that is more something to do differently our end than yours!

I’ve attached some photos of the rafts in situ. We stapled some signage to the top of the tunnel as the plastic is soft enough to take it.

The VISON mink raft can be purchased from our catalogue.

Oare Marshes Mink Raft and Highlandimage courtesy of Samuel Thomas.