Installing an interpretation board with Little Shelford Parish Council

Mar 18, 2012

I delivered an A2 interpretation board to the local Cambridgeshire village of Little Shelford on Saturday morning, with the aim of helping them to install their lectern, and take a few pictures and some films to provide advice to other customers wishing to install their lecterns. Although our interpretation boards are often installed by contractors with plenty of experience, they are also frequently purchased by small community groups who would really benefit from some advice.

Unfortunately the week before I had injured my back working on my allotment, so all I could do was stand around and take a few pictures and offer advice. It turned out that one of the team, Richard, was a civil engineer with numerous projects under his belt, and Shelagh, who ordered the board from us and worked with us in developing the design, clearly had a better back than I do since she picked up the lectern and lugged from my car to it’s final location with ease. 

In fact, they worked so quickly it was all I could do to hobble around and keep up with them, so didn’t really get many pictures in the end. The word ‘pub’ was mentioned a few times, perhaps that was a motivating factor! 

But everyone agreed that the end result was an excellent interpretation board which will provide a great resource to the people of Little Shelford and visitors alike. I am sure we will be able to extract all the information we need for a simple installation video.

One pleasing end to the story is that we have recently managed to reduce the price of our interpretation boards (you did read that correctly). I went back to Shelagh and told her that we could save them some money although they had already ordered the lectern from us and they were able to buy a picnic table for the village with the extra funds. Not from us unfortunately, but you can’t win them all!