CNC Cutting Service

Cutting Services at Filcris

As well as supplying recycled plastic boards, posts and sheets to a wide range of end users, we also offer an in-house cutting and CNC machining service.

CNC Cutting Service

Machining recycled plastic is not always straightforward and with over 15 years’ experience cutting and machining products like otter holts, Engraved Park Signage and components for a large number of industrial applications we have had plenty of opportunities to develop the skills needed.

Top of the range CNC router equipment

We can cut any shape we can draw, from circles and curves to text and graphics, plus we can predrill holes in components and rout slots and recesses.

For example you might be:

  • a designer who wants to prototype a new product
  • a manufacturer requiring components cut, routed or drilled to your specifications
  • a DIY enthusiast who want a sheet cut in a way impossible with standard equipment, such as a circle or curved piece.

What We Do

We can lay out your requirements, send you a proof and a quote within a few days and we have a rapid turnaround time (generally less than two weeks).

We can also engrave and fill text or graphics into planks and posts up to 90mm x 90mm, such as our Engraved Park Signage.

Unfortunately, we are not able to work from templates or paper drawings etc supplied by the customer. We can only work from either digital drawings from the customer or geometrical descriptions.

Planks and posts being made of recycled plastic can have tolerances of up to 3% which may affect how many cut pieces we can yield per length. All cutting and machining is subject to ±0.5mm depth tolerance and ±1.5mm length/width tolerance

Post and Plank Cutting Service

We can cut most of the post products and all the plank products we supply to length, or multiple lengths (cross cutting using a bench mounted circular saw). We are set up to cut to length, and can also make up to 600 angled cuts. When calculating the number of cut pieces derived from a length, remember to factor in approximately 5mm per cut. Angled cuts will result in a larger amount of wastage dependent on the angle. The charge for this service will depend on the quantity and type of cuts required. 

Possible applications include:

  • Cutting a large number of planks to length as gravel boards, fence rails
  • Cutting large posts to length to save you the hard work
  • Cutting short posts for use as supports for sheds or outdoor offices
  • Cutting bespoke stake sizes
  • Cutting planks and posts to enable collection in a smaller vehicle. 

We generally cannot cut to length while you wait so it is always best to contact us before arriving.

Sheet Cutting Service

With our large panel cutting equipment, we can cut our 1.22m x 2.44m sheets into smaller sections at very reasonable rates. We already offer most of our sheet products as half sheet (1.22m x 1.22m) and quarter sheet (0.61m x 1.22m) options in our online shop, but we can cut our sheets to a much wider range of options. Handling large, heavy sheets can be awkward and cutting without the right equipment can be hard so why not let us take the strain.  Simple jobs cutting sheets into smaller sections can be done for very low prices.

Possible examples include:

  • a large number of sheets cut to size for edging boards to make work on site quicker
  • a sheet cut to a specific size for a DIY job
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