Engraved Park Signage

Filcris Engraved Park Signage provides a unique way of providing information, way marking and interpretation for natural, historical and recreational sites in a way which is tough, durable and maintenance free.

We use our unique combination of design, and engineering knowhow, our state of the art machining equipment and our passion for the interpretation and Britain’s landscape and wildlife to create a wide range of signage for you. 

Ladder Type Park Signs:

From simple way markers to large complicated information boards these signs offer the best way to convey information clearly while maintaining an attractive appearance in keeping with less built up locations.

Available in dark brown with a rough surface texture or in black with a smooth texture. The lettering in the planks is cnc routed and then filled with a white plastic inlay which is bonded using a specialist adhesive. We generally use white for maximum impact but other colours are available upon request. 

Each plank (up to a maximum width of 1.5m) is screwed to 90mm x 90mm posts using stainless steel screws. The tops of the planks can be machined to make a shaped finish. Multiple planks can be stacked up to make larger more complicated signs. The maximum letter height is 100mm and logos printed on polycarbonate can also be included. 

Please contact us for a quote by calling 01954 718327 or emailing sales@filcris.co.uk.

Engraved Posts:

Ideal either for way marking or for interpretation, our engraved posts are a brilliant feature which can be used to improve just about any natural or heritage site.

The method we use involves engraving the text and any logos and symbols and then inlaying the routed slot with a cut out piece of white plastic, which is fixed in using a specialist adhesive to ensure that it will last for many years. Unlike wooden way markers the posts will stand for many years and will not rot or decay. 

We can either design the engraved logos for you or we can use your designs. 

Examples have included directional signage with names of trails or locations plus arrows, wildlife interpretation posts with silhouette images of iconic species, and heritage interpretation posts for historic trails. These were all engraved in 90mm x 90mm posts, but we can engrave a wide range of products with many different typefaces, logos and colours. There is too much choice available to give a price here but if you contact the office with your requirements we will be happy to assist. 

Please contact us for a quote by calling 01954 718327 or emailing sales@filcris.co.uk.

Bespoke Engraved Signs and Interpretation Products: 

With our choice of materials, range of skills and our specialist equipment we can provide an interpretive and signage service in recycled plastic second to none. Examples of bespoke projects we have carried out include:

  • Huge, lifelike dragonfly seat for Gloucester Wildlife Trust
  • Engraved interpretive bench for Gloucester Wildlife Trust
  • Cut out letters for Witherslack Woodlands in Cumbria
  • Village entrance signs for Kent Downs AONB
  • Local Nature Reserve Signs for Solihull B C

If you would like us to quote for a job for you, please call the office on 01954 718327 or email sales@filcris.co.uk.