Bespoke Platforms

As well as our off the shelf kits available in our Dipping Platforms section, Filcris also offers a bespoke platform design service. In fact, most of the dipping and viewing platforms we supply are bespoke designs to sizes specified by our customers.

Because of their size and weight, we generally need to ship these platforms in kit form, which are then assembled in situ by the customer or a nominated contractor. We do not offer an installation service but we can provide information and drawings on how to go about installing your platform if you are using volunteers, and may be able to recommend a local installer who has experience of using our material.

Recycled plastic offers significant benefits over timber for making dipping and viewing platforms:

  • It will not rot, degrade or decay in the soil or in damp environments where most dipping platforms are built.
  • So although it may cost a little extra, you only need to pay it once. 
  • And that means you only need to pay for installation once and don’t need to pay for the disposal of half rotten timbers in years to come.
  • No need to treat against decay = no maintenance costs.
  • The plastic used is resistant to frost, and incorporates UV stabilisers to ensure that it will not degrade in sunlight for decades. 
  • Available in a range of low slip surfaces. Wooden decking boards tend to absorb water and become more slippery, especially when they are not re-treated. This is not a problem with recycled plastic.

We stock a range of recycled plastic decking planks, bearers, cross bearers and posts as well as products suitable for use as handrails and toe boards. We can select the most appropriate product for your project, and will supply your platform with the majority of planks and bearers cut to length (some bearers, and all posts and handrails are best left full length for trimming on site). The products are not supplied predrilled but all fixings are included. 

To quote for you we need the following information:

  • The desired width of and length of the platform (we may offer an alternative size if it is more cost effective).
  • If the platform is to be any shape more complicated than a square or rectangle or needs any special features details of these should be included. A picture can be helpful in this instance. 
  • Whether the platform needs any handrails or toe boards. Toe boards can be useful on a platform without handrails to help more make vulnerable users more aware of the edge. Handrails will generally be needed where the height above ground or water level exceeds 60cm, but you should check with your local authority to be certain. 
  • The estimated length of support posts needed. We will calculate the quantity of posts needed. 
  • The delivery location including any access restrictions.

Please contact the sales office on 01954 718327 or email for more information.