Recycled Plastic Boardwalks and Walkways

Filcris have been supplying recycled plastic materials for boardwalks throughout the UK for over twenty years, and now offer a comprehensive range of components suitable for installing a boardwalk which will not rot or decay, will not need any maintenance and will look good as the day it is installed for many years. 

Recycled plastic offers significant benefits over timber for making walkways and boardwalks:

  • It will not rot, degrade or decay in the soil or in damp environments where most boardwalks are built.
  • So although it may cost a little extra, you only need to pay it once. 
  • And that means you only need to pay for installation once and don’t need to pay for the disposal of half rotten timbers in years to come.
  • No need to treat against decay = no maintenance costs.
  • The plastic used is resistant to frost, and incorporates UV stabilisers to ensure that it will not degrade in sunlight for decades. 
  • The flexibility of the plastic means that following a sinuous route through natural environments is a lot easier than wood. 
  • Available in a range of low slip surfaces. Wooden decking boards tend to absorb water and become more slippery, especially when they are not re-treated. This is not a problem with recycled plastic.

We stock a wide range of recycled plastic decking planks, bearers, cross bearers and posts as well as products suitable for use as handrails and toe boards. 

For short, straight runs you can use our prefabricated sections with either joining pieces or posts and cross bearers. 

However, for longer or wider recycled plastic boardwalks and for recycled plastic boardwalks which are not in a straight line or involve more complicated shapes it is generally best for us to quote individually for you. This way we can ensure that we are offering our best possible price. 

To quote for you we need the following information:

  • The desired width of the boardwalk (we may suggest an alternative width if it is more cost effective). 
  • The length of the boardwalk, broken down into similar sections. 
  • The degree of curvature of the boardwalk – the more curved a boardwalk is the more material is used. A drawing usually helps with this!
  • Whether the boardwalk needs any handrails or toe boards. 
  • The estimated length of support posts needed. 
  • The delivery location including any access restrictions.

We do not offer an installation service but we can provide lots on information on how to go about installing a recycled plastic boardwalk if you are using volunteers, and may be able to recommend a local installer who has experience of using our material.

Please contact the sales office on 01954 718327 or email for more information.