Recycled Plastic Garden Gates

Recycled plastic clad wrought iron gates:

Here at Filcris Limited we are specialists in the supply and fabrication of recycled plastic products. But we get asked frequently for garden gates because people want to apply the benefits of our long lasting, tough and maintenance free products to their gates. 

New to Filcris

We have listened to our customers and formed a partnership with a gate manufacturer who like Filcris is a family run business, but who specialise in making automatic and manual wrought iron gates with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We have been supplying them with materials for some time now so they are experienced with handling the material and have created some stunning looking gates at a very reasonable price which work brilliantly. 

Made to measure gates

The gates are made to measure, with a wrought iron framework which is zinc treated or galvanised and then powder coated to a very high quality finish which will last for many years. The recycled plastic cladding is then cut to size and attached to the gate frames to create a smart, long lasting and tough gate which can span entrances large and small.  

If you want more details about these gates please contact the office on or 01954 718327