A new approach to installing ladder frame garden rail supports

Apr 25, 2013

We have received some great case studies from customers who have used our Ladder Frame Kits to make a support for their garden railways. We have just uploaded one from Andrew Rawlins in Lincolnshire who has developed a new way of surfacing the frame work to provide a level track bed, by cutting down planks to make short lengths which can then be very easily adjusted to the location. It looks very time consuming in comparison to our precut Curved Track Boards but it does look great.

It does match the rest of the ladder frame a lot better than the precut curved track boards ever can because it is the same material, and of course it does mean that you have more freedom and do not have to plan so carefully when laying out the track bed. You can see more here.

“My final thoughts at this stage are that Filcris materials are fantastic to use, they cut, bend (with no effort whatsoever), and screw together really easily and what you end up with is a rock solid construction that will require little and hopefully no maintenance at all. And not only that the product gives a professional finish to your work – I highly recommend their products. “ Andrew Rawlins, Lincolnshire, January 2013.

It looks like a lot of cutting, but of course we could do that for you. If you are interested let us know and we’ll price it up for you!