Splendid signs in Cornwall

Here at Filcris we aren’t very good at blowing our own trumpets, we are generally too busy coming up with new ways to use recycled plastic and a bit too British for all that. So it’s really nice when our customers do it.

Westland Countryside Stewards are an environmental charity based in North Cornwall who recently took delivery of some recycled plastic lecterns and an engraved recycled plastic sign made by our fair hands. Neil Cox contacted us the other day with some nice feedback:

“I thought you’d be keen to see some photos of the signs and lecterns you’ve recently supplied for us in situ. I think they look rather splendid!! Give my thanks to everyone for their hard work.”

He also enclosed some great pictures. I think that they look rather splendid too! Of course, being made from recycled plastic they will never rot and fay outlast wooden lecterns and signs, but have a suitably wooden appearance which will blend in well in the Cornish landscape.

Kilk common higher shot

A1 interpretation board, available for purchase online here.


Engraved park sign, further details available here. Prices on application.

Kilk common lower shot






New design Mink Rafts for Kent Wildlife Trust

The new VISON model mink raft, which we introduced in January this year, has been tested by Kent Wildlife Trust, and here is their feedback:

Oare Marshes Mink Raft and Highland

image courtesy of Samuel Thomas

We’ve deployed all the new mink rafts now. They look good in their new home on the North Kent Marshes. They were much easier to put together in the field than the last design with the togs (Fewer bits to carry as well). We did leave out the locking pegs as the tunnels stayed securely on the rafts when slid back into place.

The cable tie construction doesn’t seem to have made the rafts any weaker; they have held together well so far, none of the cable ties broke.In hindsight perhaps we should have gone for the edged rafts as the polystyrene might make a mess but that is more something to do differently our end than yours!

I’ve attached some photos of the rafts in situ. We stapled some signage to the top of the tunnel as the plastic is soft enough to take it.

The VISON mink raft can be purchased here and for only £6 + VAT more you can get the edged version here.





New tern raft for Frensham Pond National Trust Reserve

Tim Mockridge, National Trust Ranger at the Frensham Pond nature reserve in Surrey contacted us early this year for an another special low visual impact mink proof tern raft  following the success of the one we supplied in 2012.



Tim gave us the following feedback:

Here are a couple of photographs of the launching of the new Tern raft at Frensham Little Pond. The recent alterations that have been made to the customised design made it easier to assemble without affecting the integrity of the structure. Thank you also for ensuring that the raft was delivered to me before the bird nesting season started.

We will be adding this product to expanding range of tern rafts in time for next years breeding season. 


Recycled Plastic Snow Plough Blades

The cold weather on the way reminded us of a story from last year:

Snow being cleared in Richmond Park. Image courtesy of

Snow being cleared in Richmond Park. Image courtesy of

Adam Curtis,  who is Assistant  Park Manager at Richmond Park, the largest of the Royal Parks in London, came to us in winter 2011 in search of a cheap plastic plank, we recommended the 18mm x 140mm x 3m plank which was on offer at the time and he went away . He only bought a few which we assumed that they were for path edging like the vast majority of these planks we sell to parks across the country. Last winter Adam contacted us again

This time he told us what they were for:

Snow plough and recycled plastic blades. Image courtesy of Adam Curtis

“We buy these boards off you and drill them to attach to a siromer snow plough – they ‘ waste’ away on the roads when we snow plough but protect the road and metal blade from damage.

Siromer charge £55 for replacement blades but I think they use ‘ new’ plastic rather than recycled – our tractor driver tells us that your plastic [blades] are better and a fraction of the price. Each blade lasts about one full day ( 8 hours) of snow clearing.”

So if anyone else out there has this problem and wants an alternative you know where to come!

Recycled Plastic Nest Boxes for SCDC

Two pallets of nest boxes ready to send off to Cornerstone Ltd.

SCDC Swift Boxes 5

They will be incorporated into refurbishments to council owned housing stock by South Cambridgeshire District Council. We will be adding them to our existing range of products shortly.

The order includes bat roosting boxes (the black ones at the top), sparrow terraces (in the foreground), swift nest boxes with a special starling proof entrance hole (at the back) and standard nest boxes (in the middle).

We look forward to being able to see the results since they will be installed right on our doorstep.

Woodpecker proofing our beehives

This is a new product idea we are trying out on some of the beehives we help to manage at Downing College, Cambridge (Chris is also a beekeeper).

Woodpeckers can be a real problem for beekeepers in winter, when they can make holes in wooden bee hives in search of food. It does not always happen, but if they manage to get in the colony of bees will almost certainly perish.

There are many ways of protecting bees against woodpecker attack such as making a chicken wire cage or adding strips of flapping plastic bags. We thought we could try a recycled plastic solution, safe in the knowledge that it would take a super – woodpecker to get through:

Woodpecker proofing

The 6mm thick recycled plastic sheet is held away from the hive with 12mm thick battens, so the wood can still breathe and the 4 panels are just held together with simple cable ties which can be tightened up simply on site. As you can see the bees seem happy with it so far!

Woodpecker proofing 2


We’ll keep an eye on it and see what happens.



Baffling cats with the hedgehog chicane!

Since we have had our hogbox set up for feeding hedgehogs it has been cleared out every night, and we are now putting in two full trays of food a night. There are definitely two hedgehogs using the box and nothing else could get in…or so we thought!

We recorded this video last week – I was pretty amazed that a cat could get in (and out – it wasn’t there in the morning!). We haven’t recorded it happening again, but knowing what the neighbourhood moggies are like I added a couple of baffles to prevent them from getting in.

So here it is, a sort of hedgehog chicane:

Hogbox with cat deterrent baffles fitted

Hogbox with cat deterrent baffles fitted

So far we have not had a repeat of the Houdini Cat but we have had lots of hedgehog visits, as you can see here.

The box can be found on our website here:









Hedgehog Box Success!

So yesterday we went out and checked the hedgehog box to see if there had been any visitors. The mealworms had all been eaten but that could have been one of the frazzled blackbirds in the area…

Inside the box the food had all been been eaten:


Checking the camera we’d set up to keep an eye on it the first visitor was one of next door’s numerous cats. It was obviously interested in the food and tried to get in, but the door was too small. You can watch it here

Later on we had our first hoggy visitor, a mere 6 hours after installing the feeding box! One video is shown here, there were lots more visits afterwards. We’ll keep posting more (and hopefully better!) videos as

we get them.



Hedgehog Feeding Box

One of our colleagues in the workshop was telling the guys in the office about a box he had made (from wood) to provide his local hedgehogs with a safe place to feed. It just so happened that we were making an order for one of our Hogboxes at the time, so we made another one, popped it in the garden with some food and a trail of enticing mealworms and set up a camera…



Now we just have to wait and see…

We also put a dish of water outside because hedgehogs need quite a lot of water.